The anatomy of a woman’s body is structured to have an orgasm again and again. Unlike men, women don’t have a refractory period for recovery which means they can have continuous orgasms.

According to surveys and top Indian escorts, women have few orgasms than men because the type of enjoyment, stimulation, and arousal women require for complete pleasure is not there all the time. Multiple orgasms are possible but they are not suitable for everyone, some women prefer multiple orgasms for deeper satisfaction while for some women, one orgasm is enough.

It depends on your priorities to have as many orgasms as you want. According to Indian escorts having multiple orgasms every time can also make sex boring as no routine is good in sex even if it’s pleasure and enjoyment. You should have multiple orgasms but it’s good to give gaps between them.

Here are some tips to have multiple orgasms given by Indian escorts.

Taking breaks in between:-Multiple orgasms takes time thus Indian escorts suggest that, taking breaks between orgasms from main activity to foreplay or oral sex can also help to achieve multiple orgasms as taking mini-breaks in between gives your body time to achieve the next step in orgasm. Focus on your breathing or your partner during break and then come back to the physical side to get another orgasm.

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